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IOKSA specializes in the development of software products that help our clients to differentiate themselves, build brand loyalty in their users and ultimately earn brand advocacy. We are a team of experts that are determined to help you creatively solve your challenging technology problems with enduring solutions that strive for the highest quality standards.
  • Web and mobile development
  • IоT development
  • Dedicated teams
  • Devops services
  • Outstaff services
  • QA services


Promotion of the company in social media Reach and Performance marketing in the paid search channels Creation of marketing materials and design Creating presentation materials for investors App store optimization + paid app installs
  • SMM
  • UI/UX
  • Google ADS
  • SEO
  • AppStore Optimization
  • Video Production


We provide the following services: - collection of necessary data - market research and analysis - consumer analysis - analysis of competitors - analysis of the competitive advantages of the project.
  • Business analytics
  • Project consulting

Why us

Overlap and support 24/7
We know what deadline is and we understand the adjustment of the time difference, so we respond as quickly as possible to changing requests. The team is ready for overlays and additional temporary load.
System of own reports
We provide our own weekly reports, which show a complete picture of the work done, conduct risk analysis, and give recommendations on how to improve processes.
Preliminary analysis and recommendations
We approach each client individually. We carry out a preliminary analysis of the requirements, tasks, business processes of the client in order to provide our recommendations for their improvement.
Quick response to changes in tasks
Our communication and development processes are made as flexible as possible so that we can quickly adapt to new requirements and tasks.

Our Plans

fixed price

This option perfectly fits customers with full SRS and stable business environment.

  • Definite budget and deadline.
  • Agreement on scope, budget, quality and time, project processes.
  • All the risks related to the project and the implementation stay with us.
  • Your amount of patricipation is small (compared with T&M).
  • All methods of control and milestones are stipulated separately.

time and material

Perfect solution for projects with dynamically changing environment or SRS development.

  • You pay a fixed hour quota.
  • No additional expenses (for example, holidays or illness).
  • You shouldn’t have a full requirements for a start.
  • Acess to agile boards to see what is going on during the sprint.
  • Flexibility.

dedicated team

This option fits for customers who want to increase the staff to expand the company’s expertise.

  • Individual candidate search is possible.
  • Involve highly qualified professionals to your team.
  • You can retain project managment control or hire a team with PM.
  • Team fully reports to your company.


Ruby Wang

Product Manager at early stage startup

We've been working with IOKSA company more than 6 months. And we really enjoyed working with them. All engineers are very talented, they have knowledgeable domain expertise. The team not only develop a good product, they also give their technical suggestions. I especially love to work with Oksana. She is very responsive and takes care about a lot of things. I would highly recommend to everyone to work with IOKSA company.

Syed Aman

CEO & Co-Founder at HWY Haul

Oksana provided us with a great work of a team in different technologies. They started from a scratch. One of the best their advantages is that they make an analysis, give recommendations for a better work of the project/app. Oksana is always in touch and her team is ready to resolve any task very fast.

Michael Shirman

CTO/Product Designer/ AWS Certified Solutions Architect at Z Bee Labs

I worked with Oksana and her developers enough time to understand their efforts for a performing a quality work in React stack. All tasks were done on time. The communication was at a high level. The team was ready for overlays. We had daily meetings and the difference in time was not an obstacle for us because of overlap hours. Always glad to work together again!

Christian Mattix

Director of Technology at Force 5

I worked with Oksana's team for a project in Fixed Price model. All deadlines were met. The team asked clarifying questions for a better understanding of the goals and expectations of the client. Would be glad to work together at the right time.

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