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Interview with Debbie K. Chen (Part 1)

Oksana’s Riabichko interview with Debbie K Chen, CEO of the Hydrostasis. Successful female entrepreneur, founder of a startup in the field of IoT and medicine, mother and wife. Hydrostasis is developing solutions to monitor hydration levels in real-time using Diffuse Near-Infrared Spectroscopy. This Personalized Hydration Index™, provides data critical to the vast network of healthcare […]

Mobile commerce

Do we have different types of mobile commerce?While mobile commerce works with a wide variety of transactions, they can all be categorized as one of three types: 1. Mobile shopping.Similar to E-commerce, but accessible via a mobile device. Mobile shopping is now possible through responsive websites, dedicated apps, and social media platforms. 2. Mobile banking.Mobile […]

Kirill K 23.05.2019


Why would many people want to use only Python in designing any Machine Learning project. Machine learning, in layman terms, is to use the data to make a machine make intelligent decision. For example – You can build a spam detection algorithm where the rules can be learned from the data or arranging your email […]

Oksana 23.05.2019