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JavaScript 2020: what every developer should know

The world of front-end development is changing at an incredible rate. To stay at a high level, you need to constantly monitor trends that change each other almost instantly. What to expect from JavaScript development in 2020? There are a mass opinions! However, all experts agree that standardization of the user interface will become a […]

AI trends 2020

The artificial intelligence global market continues to grow at an incredible pace. And experts agree that progressive managers should be more attentive to the influence of artificial intelligence on business transformations and should direct their efforts to develop new business models with this in mind.Today we want to share the most impressive trends and developments […]

Kirill 11.02.2020

Technology and Cancer startups

Cancer is a major public health problem worldwide and is the second leading cause of death in the United States. Approximately in USA every minute one person dies of cancer and three get cancer. Healthcare has long been a leading industry for the adoption of modern technology. And the US healthcare market is growing annually […]

Kirill 27.01.2020

Interview with Debbie K. Chen (Part 2)

Oksana’s Riabichko interview with Debbie K Chen, CEO of the Hydrostasis. Successful female entrepreneur, founder of a startup in the field of IoT and medicine, mother and wife. Part 1 you can read here Oksana Riabichko: Does your family support you in this project? If so, how? I’m very lucky to have my family’s full […]


Big Data will remain among the demanded information technologies for a long time. According to forecasts, by 2025 enterprises will create about 60% of all world data. Almost continuously, information flows are generated by companies in finance, telecommunications, and e-commerce. A business like this needs technology solutions that can help you collect, store, and use […]

Kirill 20.01.2020

Remarketing in ecommers

For the past few years, search engines and other online advertising providers have focused on working with audiences. One of the key technologies in contextual advertising, allowing to communicate the advertising address to the target audience, is remarketing. With this feature, you can show your ads to users who have visited the site but have […]

Mobile development in education: M-Learning

Mobile Learning (M-Learning) is an opportunity to learn regardless of place and time, through a number of mobile devices. Mobile learning is e-learning using mobile devices, not limited to the student’s location or changing location. Thus, mobile learning involves the use of mobile technology, both individually and in conjunction with other information and communication technologies, […]

Market research: first steps

Primary and secondary research There are two main types of marketing research that companies conduct to collect the most important information about their products: primary and secondary research. Primary research Primary research is the search for information about your market and its customers. You can use focus groups, online polls, phone interviews, and more to […]

Python advantages in machine learning

Python language can be considered as the simplest programming language. If you take a look at the chart below, you may notice how much this is common for usage. This chart predicts which languages ​​will be used most often by 2020. In addition to simplicity, Python interacts quite easily with other languages, especially C and […]

Kirill 10.12.2019

Examples of using machine learning in business

The machine learning market is growing rapidly – in 2016, its volume exceeded the $ 1 billion and, judging by forecasts, by 2025 it will increase to $ 39.98 billion. Where does this growth come from? As it turned out, literally from everywhere. Machine learning technology was invented in 1959, but large companies have realized […]

Kirill 5.12.2019