Our Expertise

Front End Development

Responsive, user-friendly, interactive design from IOKSA developers will improve user experience. IOKSA specialists will make your web project compatible with all browsers and devices. The functionality, accessibility, navigation and performance of your web project is guaranteed by IOKSA specialists.

Back End Development

IOKSA services are always with high quality. Experienced IOKSA experts use only innovative technologies to provide you with only unique elaborations.

Mobile Development

IOKSA specialists develop mobile applications for iOS, Android and React Native. IOKSA has experience in native and cross-platform technologies, which allows finding the optimal balance between project requirements, cost and quality. We always offer the best solution for every situation and project.


Our DevOps leverages collaboration, monitoring, tool-chain pipelines, automation and Cloud adoption. With our DevOps as a service offering, we ensure rapid on-boarding of applications by automating end-to-end delivery pipeline and facilitate continuous integration and development across leading cloud platforms.

IoT Development

More than 10 years of experience of IOKSA specialists allows us to implement projects in the field of IoT area. The IOKSA portfolio contains implemented integrated solutions in the IoT sector, which include the development of hardware and software, networking.

Online Promotion

Entrust IOKSA specialists with a full range of activities to promote your product on the Internet. The company guarantees a constant flow of users, an influx of potential customers and the interest of regular clients.

Our Industries


IoT solutions are a priority in our company. We carry out both software and hardware development. Our developers participated in the development of personal medical devices, implemented IoT solutions in vending equipment, in the area of logistics and accounting in agriculture. Our specialists in C++ and Python meet the highest requirements.


Our company considers the area of education fundamental. The possibility of distance education and training, thanks to modern technologies, is the main trend of the present time. We pay special attention to the development of remote platforms that train mobile applications, which, in our opinion, should be as clear and easy to use as possible. But at the same time preserve the intellectual property rights of the owner. Among our clients there are both large universities and colleges, and private business coaches, psychologists, and teachers.


Our company successfully implements solutions in the area of logistics. Implementation of CRM-systems, launch of booking and ecommerce solutions for your business. Development of mobile applications for automation and operational process control. Our offers can be designed both for small companies and for large logistics hubs. IOKSA solutions will help to optimize your processes through the introduction of modern technologies, which will enable the expansion of your business and increase its efficiency.

E-commerce, Marketplaces

IOKSA specialists have more than 10 years of experience in launching, implementing and running E-commerce business. We provide turnkey projects - from brand development and design to marketing support. We carry out the development of simple display cases from 100+ products to large platforms with a range of more than 1 million products. Integration with payment, logistics systems, leading commodity exchanges. The introduction of additional CRM, ERP, ESP-systems. Providing from complex custom solutions to simple solutions on E-commerce platforms.

Mass media, Social media

Our team implemented creative websites for the mass media with a bright design and thoughtful usability. Portals for thematic social media with an introduction to the main social networks. Multilingual news portals. Mobile applications for social media. In our developments, we used the latest trends from front end technologies for web solutions and the latest versions of iOS and Android for the development of mobile applications, what made our products as convenient and technological as possible.


Our solutions for agriculture are closely related to IoT technology. The specialists of IOKSA participated in the development of systems for remote control and control of processes in agriculture: automation of control of sown areas, automation of measuring processes, automation of irrigation and fertilizer processes. Also developed control systems and management in agricultural stores. Implemented projects in the area of e-commerce products of agricultural production.

IOKSA Principles

First of all, our best expertise is the work of our company.
We take 3 main principles as a basis.

The easiest – we love our work.

We love to create, we love to help, we love to gain new knowledge.

During my many years of experience, I realized that successful communication at all stages of joint activities is 90% of success. Especially in business, as IT development, when there are no clear criteria for accepting work and when the idea of ​​the final product between the customer and the performer may differ. Therefore, in Ioksa, we pay special attention to building communications, collecting data, and analyzing them. We have developed our own reporting system, thanks to which we give feedback about our work and our vision of results, in order to get additional communications from the client, which will help us more accurately to give results, save time and money. My leading managers and I are trying to be in touch 24/7. Our team is ready for overlaps, for additional working hours.

Our developments are subjected to rigorous testing, both on the quality of the code, and on the logic of business processes. Our team has experienced manual and automated testers, as well as business analysts, who agree with the customer on the ultimate goal of a process and make sure that this goal is achieved.

Oksana Riabichko, CEO AT IOKSA

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