Machine Learning

Hyperautomation trends. The changing reality.

Machine learning is becoming an increasingly common phenomenon that gradually penetrates all spheres of society. As a result, there are transformations that change the lives of each of us, our families, the inhabitants of all countries, and of all mankind. According to forecasts, in the next 10 years there will be significant changes in the […]

Kirill 11.05.2020

TOP Android development trends 2020

Mobile platforms are developing at an incredible pace. At the same time, their popularity is growing. Of course, it is no secret to you that Android is the most demanded operating system. In 2019, its market share was about 85% percent. Agree, it is difficult to overestimate its significance. That is why innovation and trends […]

Trends and Innovations 2020 in Python Development

The information technology industry has been growing rapidly for the past 10 years. New programming languages, innovative technologies are emerging, but one thing remains unchanged. As before, Python is one of the most popular programming languages. You definitely ran into him! For example, when using Amazon, Uber, Instagram, and Facebook apps. It is they who […]

Kirill 17.03.2020

Neural networks. Types and application.

The special feature of such networks is the ability to train, process data and correct errors based on the experience gained. Each new cycle of work allows you to make fewer and fewer mistakes. Interesting, the neural network repeats even the structure of the human nervous system. You may not notice, but neural networks are […]

How does machine learning work?

The concept of “machine learning” is increasingly common, which means that already now every self-respecting businessman, at a minimum, must understand the principles of this approach. Today we want to tell simple words about how machine learning works, and we will understand what tasks can be solved with it. If you do not want to […]

Kirill 27.02.2020

AI trends 2020

The artificial intelligence global market continues to grow at an incredible pace. And experts agree that progressive managers should be more attentive to the influence of artificial intelligence on business transformations and should direct their efforts to develop new business models with this in mind.Today we want to share the most impressive trends and developments […]

Kirill 11.02.2020

Python advantages in machine learning

Python language can be considered as the simplest programming language. If you take a look at the chart below, you may notice how much this is common for usage. This chart predicts which languages ​​will be used most often by 2020. In addition to simplicity, Python interacts quite easily with other languages, especially C and […]

Kirill 10.12.2019

Examples of using machine learning in business

The machine learning market is growing rapidly – in 2016, its volume exceeded the $ 1 billion and, judging by forecasts, by 2025 it will increase to $ 39.98 billion. Where does this growth come from? As it turned out, literally from everywhere. Machine learning technology was invented in 1959, but large companies have realized […]

Kirill 5.12.2019


Why would many people want to use only Python in designing any Machine Learning project. Machine learning, in layman terms, is to use the data to make a machine make intelligent decision. For example – You can build a spam detection algorithm where the rules can be learned from the data or arranging your email […]

Oksana 23.05.2019